"I am confident we chose the right company to do the mold remediation work on the Pines Condominiums. On behalf of those who call this home, thank you for doing outstanding service on the property. Your work clearly helped us move forward to rebuild."
    - Danielle Trettin
    "Tracy is very knowledgeable and very thorough in his explanation of steps that need to be taken. Barbara has always been very patient and professional. I would highly recommend Proven restoration for anyone in the Houston area."
    - Crystal Phillips
    "Proven Restoration was very knowledgeable in the field of water damage and mold remediation. Their crews were professional and timely. I would highly recommend this company."
    - Wilona Wheelock
    "Called for estimate and got a quote on the work they do. Everett was very helpful and answered all my questions. So when we are ready to do the work we will definitely give them a call."
    - Shirley McBreen
    "Tracy is very caring about his customers, his job and his workers. They were always on time and respectful of my home. Tracy always addressed my concerns. Very happy with the work they did!"
    - Barbara Suyama
    "Tracy listened to my concerns. He was a professional when he came to my property. His employees were all courteous and respected my home while doing the water damage repairs. Tracy and his crew truly cared about doing the job right. I highly recommend them"
    - Jim Asbell
    "I can recommend the services Tracy is offering/providing, based on my past experiences with him. He is a man of character and professionalism. He and his staff will work hard to provide excellent customer service and meet your restorative and construction "
    - Sean W.
    "Everett is a great business man with great customer service and knowledge! He is very professional and will make sure that you get the service that you need and that it is done right!!"
    - Ryan Johnson
    "I called them on Christmas Eve due to a pipe bursting and flooding our house. They came out within the hour! They were at our house until 12:30 am and saw the project through to the end. Tracy is very helpful and personable. He does what he says he will do"
    - Sonya Lee
    "Great experience. Handled the insurance company details well. The repairs were done quickly and the quality of the repairs was excellent."
    - John Oviyach
    "Tracy was prompt, professional, and had an excellent quality of work to remediate our home after our pipes burst during the freeze. He was also patient with the delayed, remaining insurance settlement. I would highly recommend his services!"
    - K. K. Chase
    "I highly recommend Proven Restoration. They worked hard and were always available if I had questions. I could not have asked for a better company to work with."
    - Mallory Kucko
    "Tracy and his team were absolutely wonderful. They have performed extensive work for us. We had mold in multiple areas, so chose to take our home down to the stud ( minus the kitchen cabinets, which the Mold Inspection Company advised could remain). Tracy "
    - Erin Rothchild
    "Tracy and his team were extremely helpful during the mold issue we had in our home. He was very responsive and explained the process thoroughly. He was transparent regarding the work he would be doing and his expectations of the outcome. I absolutely recom"
    - Carrie St Croix
    "We have used Tracy for several different properties that we manage. Both him and his crew are very professional. They are go above and beyond. They go in and do a thorough job when it comes to mold and water damage. We highly recommend them!!"
    - Alma Flores
    "Excellent work. The expertise in demo work led to the recovery of my cabinets and Frankie’s in the kitchen and bathroom. This reduced the cost, of course, and the duration. Had they not handled the cabinetry demo work properly, I would’ve lost "
    - Ali Zamanian
    "Tracey and his team are top-notch! From start to finish everything was extremely informative and the process went very well! I would HIGHLY recommend it!"
    - Bryon Bernard
    "Throughout the process, Tracy worked closely with me to ensure each detail was addressed correctly. A great company."
    - Janice Tira