How to Handle Sewage Backup?

Sewage Backup

What To Do In Case of Sewage Backup?

Homes can be flooded due to many reasons. There are different types of water causing damage, and water from sewage systems is the most dangerous. Water damage from sewage is considered Category 3 water damage, which is the most contaminated type. Water is from a source that makes it contaminated, and such water is known as black water. Blackwater is very toxic and unsanitary.

When there is flood damage, the restoration is best handled by restoration service experts. This is to reduce the extent of flood damage and prevent further complications as far as possible. However if sewage backup causes flooding, it has to be cleaned up by a flood damage restoration specialist. Proven Restoration LLC in Katy, Texas is one of the best water damage restoration companies in Houston Texas. 

What Is Sewage Backup?

Sometimes sewage from sewer pipes can back up and flow into homes through drain pipes. This is a potential hazard and is difficult and more expensive. 

Causes of Sewage Backup

  • Clogs in the drainage pipes of a home or the main sewer line. Blockage can be due to grease, hair, or solid debris that ends up in drains.
  • Damaged sewer lines can cause sewage backups resulting in flood damage. 
  • Especially if the pipes are old, and made of cast iron or clay piping they can get cracks or break down easily. Now plastic sewer lines are used.
  • Heavy rain can overburden the sewer system of a region. When a public sewer system gets overburdened water can flow into connected sewer lines and homes are at risk of water backflows.
  • If tree roots grow into a pipe creating holes or exert pressure on a sewer pipe by growing around it, they can cause sewage backup. 

Signs Of Sewage Backup

  • Sinks that drain slowly.
  • Bumps on the driveway or cracks on the sideway may indicate the presence of tree roots that can damage sewage pipes.
  • Wet patches on the lawn when it is not raining can be a sign of leaking from sewage pipes.
  • The odor of sewage in or around the house.

What To Do If There is Sewage Backup?

A professional water damage restoration company must be contacted to handle sewage backup. There are a few things homeowners can do to mitigate the damage before the restoration specialists reach. 

The area that is flooded by suspected sewage water must be evacuated.

 The electrical supply to the affected area should be switched off. Electrical wires or appliances pose a safety threat when there is water damage. 

When the circuit breaker is in an affected area it is better that trained personnel turn off the power. Till then the household members must stay away from electrical devices. 

If there is a chance of being exposed to sewage water protective clothing, facemask, boots, gloves, etc must be used.

Until the sewage backup is fixed, the water supply system must not be used. The homeowner must refrain from flushing toilets or draining tubs and sinks.

The valve of the main water line to the flooded home can be shut off. 

The area can be kept ventilated by opening doors and windows if possible.

Sewage water can damage a building and objects within it. It contains harmful toxins that can result in adverse effects on health. This is why the cleanup and restoration after flood damage caused by a sewage backup is to be handled by professionals. Proven Restoration LLC has trained personnel with access to specialized equipment. Flood damage restoration in the aftermath of a sewage backup in the Houston metropolitan area can be handled by them speedily and safely. Proven Restoration LLC in Katy, TX can be contacted for mold and water damage restoration services at (832) 430-7320