What to Do after a Hurricane

What Precautions to Take After a Hurricane Floods the Home

What Precautions to Take After a Hurricane Floods the Home

Hurricanes are very powerful storms. They manifest with strong winds, storm surge flooding, and heavy rainfall that can cause inland flooding, tornadoes, and rip currents. Hurricanes are low-pressure systems with organized thunderstorm activity that take shape over tropical or subtropical waters. They get energy from the warm ocean waters and hurricanes are generically called tropical cyclones.

Hurricanes cause property damage and devastation. Storm surges and inland flooding are the top causes of loss of life during hurricanes. Reports say that the hurricane season along the Atlantic Ocean is expected to be more active this year. A higher probability of major storms making landfall in Texas and other areas across the eastern coast is predicted by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Proven Restoration LLC in Katy, Texas is a professional flood damage restoration company that deals with flood restoration services. Here they give some precautions to take after a hurricane floods a home.

In the event of flooding after a hurricane, some precautions must be followed in flooded homes:

  1. Family members can be contacted to inform them of their whereabouts and safety. 
  2. FEMA or local agencies must be contacted for help if required.
  3. Flood insurance holders must contact their agents.
  4. Direct contact with flood water must be avoided. Professional water damage restoration personnel use protective equipment before venturing into a flooded place. 
  5. If possible pictures of the flood damage sustained must be taken as this would help agents with flood damage insurance claims. A flood damage restoration service may send personnel for inspection too.
  6. Electricity may need to be switched off, if the main switch is in a flooded area a professional electrician must be contacted. It is safer to avoid using electrical appliances exposed to water damage to avoid the risk of an electrical fire. It is best to use battery-powered lighting to avoid a fire hazard when inspecting the damage. If any electrical line is suspected to be broken or is down, the utility company must be informed as soon as possible.
  7. Signs of gas leakage must be monitored. A hissing sound or gas smell indicates a gas leak. If possible gas must be turned off from the main valve outside. The gas company can be contacted,
  8. Getting water out of the building is done after flood water recedes. Water removal is essential especially from the crawl space and basement to prevent further deterioration of the foundation due to flood damage. Flood damage restoration experts have the training and specialized equipment to remove flood water. 
  9. The contents of the house affected by flood damage would have to be replaced or restored. Flood damage experts would help homeowners to distinguish between what can be restored and what must be replaced. 
  10. The parts of the house affected by flooding will need to be aired out and disinfected. Flood damage is best handled by experts as they have the expertise and equipment to handle contaminated water safely and efficiently. They would also take steps to prevent mold growth.
  11. After the wind that a hurricane brings, trees, branches, and shrubs might be lying around. The yard and patio would need to be cleared when this is safe. 

Proven Restoration LLC provides flood damage restoration services in the Houston metropolitan area. This company based in Katy Texas offers water damage restoration and mold remediation services, and is insured, bonded, and licensed by the state of Texas. In case of flood damage, Proven Restoration can be contacted at (832) 430-7320.  The company assures prompt and professional services that reduce the stress caused by flood damage.