Identifying and Fixing Ceiling Water Damage

Ceiling Water Damage

What Ceiling Water Damage Is and How To Fix It

Water damage is a serious problem faced by homeowners and owners of commercial property. It affects almost anything including the foundation, walls, floors, furniture, furnishing, electronics, etc. Water damage can be caused by weather conditions like thunderstorms, clogged gutters, leaky pipes or appliances, blocked drains, etc. Water damage is an expensive problem. 

Water damage restoration is a process that includes water removal, cleanup, drying, disinfection, and repair and restoration. All these steps add up to the cost. Water damage restoration companies like Proven Restoration LLC help to restore water-damaged buildings. This company based in Katy, Texas shares some information on ceiling damage in this article. 

What Is Ceiling Water Damage?

Excess water seeping into the ceiling causes water damage to it. It is usually due to a leak from above. Ceiling water damage can lead to structural weakening and mold growth. This can cause the ceiling to collapse and result in other property damage as well.

Signs of Ceiling Water Damage

  • Bubbled or peeling paint on the ceiling
  • Discolored and rancid water leaking
  • Water stains and moldy or brown patches on the ceiling
  • Cracks forming in the ceiling
  • Bowing or sagging of the ceiling
  • Swollen walls and door casings
  • Water dripping from the ceiling
  • Beads of water along the wall

Effects of Ceiling Water Damage

  1. Unpleasant appearance
  2. Mold
  3. Fire Risk
  4. Risk of Falls and Injury due to water puddles on the floor
  5. Increased Utility Bills

Steps To Take Immediately After Noticing Ceiling Water Damage

Steps must be taken to prevent water damage to other parts of the house. If there is a chance of water dripping furniture and other objects below must be removed. Containers can be placed to catch the dripping water and protect the floor from getting wet. Since drywall can absorb water and cause it to spread, a tarp can be used to stop that. A hole can be made in the drywall to drain the water out and prevent it from spreading. 

Ceiling Water Damage Repair

Minimal ceiling water damage may be fixed by homeowners themselves. But for any more damage or if homeowners are not able to, a professional water damage restoration company might be the best option. In the Houston metropolitan area, Proven Restoration LLC is a good choice for water damage-related services. The following steps may be taken for ceiling water damage repair.

  1. Locating The Leak and Fixing It: The leak causing ceiling water damage must be located before repairing the ceiling, as this may cause problems later. Delay in dealing with water damage worsens the problem. So the leak must be found and repaired first.
  2. Drying Wet Ceiling: The wet ceiling must be dried out as soon as possible to limit water damage and prevent mold. Water damage restoration experts use equipment like high-volume fans or a structural drying dehumidifier to make the process fast. The drying can take between 6 hours to a day if the right equipment and method are used. A moisture meter must be used to ensure that the moisture levels are at desirable levels.
  3. Repairing the Ceiling: Minor ceiling water damage may not require drywall or plaster to be replaced. Loose debris can be removed and the ceiling wiped and dried out. Small gaps may be fixed with plaster or drywall mud. However, more damage will need the section of the ceiling to be cut away and replaced with new drywall. Plaster may be applied in thin layers, taking care to dry each layer, until the section matches the existing texture.
  4. Sealing and Painting: Once the plaster is dry, a sealing primer may be applied. This helps block water stains. It also reduces the number of coats of paint needed as it prevents the ceiling from soaking up paint. 

Ceiling water damage can be handled efficiently by water damage experts like Proven Restoration LLC in Katy, Texas. Their expertise and equipment will ensure quick ceiling water damage repair and prevents further complications. Water damage needs of homeowners and commercial property owners in the Houston metropolitan area will be managed well by Proven Restoration LLC. They can be contacted by calling (832) 430-7320.