How to Spot Water Damage

The Signs Of Water Damage

The Signs Of Water Damage

The various losses caused by water intrusion that enables the attack of a material or system leading to destructive processes like rotting, mold growth, rusting, swelling of composite woods, delaminating of materials like plywood, etc are called water damage. Water damage is a devastating problem for homeowners and business owners across the US. Data says that insurance companies paid $13 billion to repair homes, buildings, and property affected by water damage in 2017. 

While water damage brings to mind thoughts of flooding and severe weather, even small household water leaks can result in water damage that costs a lot. Sometimes water damage can go unnoticed until it gets severe. In this article, Proven Restoration LLC shares the signs of water damage in homes. Proven Restoration LLC in Katy Texas offers water damage restoration and mold remediation services in the Houston metropolitan area.

Early identification of water damage will help to limit the extent of water damage and keep restoration costs in check. Aside from property damage, water damage can lead to health issues. Water damage may not always be visible. Periodical inspection is needed to detect water damage.

Signs Of Water Damage

Some of the common signs that indicate the presence of water damage are the following:

Water stains

One of the most common signs of water-damaged walls is the presence of water stains. Discoloration and stains on walls and ceilings without any obvious reason are usually due to undetected leaks in roofs or walls. It is ideal to check corners where the walls meet the ceilings, floors, or each other for discoloration.


Unexplained dampness or humidity in areas of the house where moisture should not be present is an indication of water damage.


Mold thrives in moist places. Its presence means that humidity is high or that there is a leak. If the source of moisture that is causing mold growth is not obvious, a professional water damage restoration company can be contacted for help.

Wet Spots

Dark or wet spots on the walls or ceilings or carpets can be a sign of a leak.

Bubbling Or Flaking Paint Or Wallpaper

If paint or wallpaper shows bubbling, peeling, or flakes it can be due to drywall being water damaged. 


Cracking in walls and ceilings of a spiderweb or straight pattern may be a sign of water damage.

Water pooling

Pools or puddles of water that reappear after cleaning are an indication of a leak.

Dripping Sounds

Dripping sounds, or scratching or rushing noise when the house is quiet can be a sign of water leaking. 

Condensation On Windows

If condensation shows on windows or plumbing, it means that the humidity is high. This can be because of a leak, or water vapor passing through the basement wall and floor.

Musty Odor

Sometimes there may be no visible signs of water damage,  but a musty odor may be present. This can mean there is hidden water damage. Sometimes moisture is trapped within walls, and in the dark space with less airflow mold can grow. This can cause a musty smell.

High Utility Bills

An unexpected increase in water bills that does not reflect the actual water use can be due to hidden water damage. 

Soft Spots

Soft spots or saggy areas on floors indicate water damage.

Changes To Flooring 

All types of flooring (laminate, wood, or tile)can get affected by water damage. There can be warping, splitting, or cracking after water seepage.

Health Issues

Sometimes a sudden onset of health issues can be due to mold that grows because of water damage.

The above are some common signs of water damage in buildings. It might not always be easy to find the source of water or the leak causing these signs of water damage. A professional water damage company can help to detect the source and repair the water damage. Proven Restoration LLC provides services like water damage restoration, mold remediation, HVAC cleaning, sewage backup, flood damage restoration, etc. This company based in Katy, Texas offers water damage restoration in the Houston metropolitan area. In case of any water damage, Proven Restoration LLC can be contacted by calling (832) 430-7320.