Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration

What is water damage restoration?

Statistics say that water damage problems affect 14,000 people a day in the US. Water damage is caused by leaks, floods, faulty appliances, and adverse weather that affects the structure of a building. A leak or bad weather can cause water to intrude into a building. This can lead to the destruction of the building structure, materials like wood and textiles, and anything in the building – appliances, furniture, documents, etc. Water damage must be handled promptly to prevent irreparable damage. This is why water damage restoration is done.

Proven Restoration LLC is a Texas-based company that provides professional water damage restoration and mold remediation services. In this article, they briefly explain what water damage restoration is.

Water damage restoration is the process of removing water from the property and restoring it to its pre-loss condition. Water damage restoration involves damage assessment, water removal, clean-up of the structure and its contents, water extraction, drying the structure and its contents, moving restored items back, and reconstruction or rebuilding if needed for restoration to the pre-loss condition. Steps to prevent mold formation or mold removal are also done as needed.

There are several terms used, often interchangeably, with water damage restoration. These include water remediation, water removal, water extraction, water mitigation, and flood cleanup.

Water mitigation is the process to prevent further water damage to property. It uses specialized equipment and techniques. It does not focus on the complete repair or replacement of damaged property. It is a service needed to prevent further damage. After this, restoration services help recover from all damage.

Water removal refers to the removal of standing water. Large extractors and high-power vacuums are used to absorb the water. Especially if the water is contaminated blackwater, it must be removed by a professional water damage restoration company safely.

Water extraction is also the removal of water. But it is usually used to refer to the removal of water in an outside environment.

Flood cleanup is the cleaning up of water usually from an outside source, such as a hurricane, that has moved inside. This usually requires a professional water damage restoration service to remove water, sanitize, and dry the affected area.

The steps in water damage restoration are:

  1. Inspection and Evaluation – a detailed assessment of the water damage is done. Advanced types of equipment like moisture detectors are used. At this point, things like the class of water damage, the category of water causing the damage, and the action plan for restoration are determined. 
  2. Water and Moisture Removal – all standing water and water absorbed into building materials are removed. This prevents further damage. It limits the risk of retained moisture and mold growth, which can affect health. Different types of equipment like heavy-duty pumps or vacuums are used depending on the amount of water and the extent of water damage.
  3. Drying and Dehumidification – after water removal the property is dried to ensure all moisture is extracted completely. Industrial-quality air movers and dehumidifiers are used for thorough drying.
  4. Cleaning and Disinfection – the entire property has to be cleaned and disinfected. Spraying and wiping, wet cleaning, and drying are done. This step ensures a healthy environment that is free of contaminants is restored. It also removes and cleans any mold growth. Cleaning is done not just of the building structure and materials, but of affected items as well, like carpets, furnishing, etc. Anything damaged beyond repair is disposed of.
  5. Restoration and Repair – when the property is dry and clean, restoration and repairs are done. Damaged items or materials are fixed or replaced. For example, sections of drywall that were not restored to normal condition by drying are replaced.

Water damage restoration is a process where each step is important and affects the outcome of the other steps too. This is best handled by a professional water damage restoration company. Proven Restoration LLC is a reliable service in Texas that provides water damage restoration and mold remediation services in the Houston metropolitan area. They offer professional services and are always on time. They can be contacted at (832) 430-7320 to get a free estimate of water damage that is reliable.