Does Insurance Cover the Cost of Water Damage Restoration?

Water Damage Restoration

Will Homeowners’ Insurance Cover Water Damage Restoration Costs?

Approximately 14,000 Americans have water damage emergencies each day. US citizens pay around $13 billion every year on water damage restoration. According to ISO, property damage caused 97.2% of homeowners insurance claims in 2019. Water damage and freezing were together the second leading cause of all property damage insurance claims.

Homeowners must understand what types of water damage are covered by their insurance. They should also be aware of the importance of taking steps to prevent water damage. This helps to maintain safety, and limit expenses too. Water damage can be sudden and catastrophic, causing damages that need to be remedied immediately by a professional water damage restoration company. A delay in water damage repair can lead to further damage, safety concerns, and a rise in repair costs. Hence, water damage mitigation must begin immediately to limit the extent of the damage.

Water damages might be covered in standard homeowners insurance policies, but not all types of water damage are covered. Usually, the water damage that is sudden and accidental is covered. But gradual damage is not. Water damage insurance does not cover water damages caused by the negligence of homeowners, and the lack of maintenance and repair work as required.

Water damage that is covered by homeowners insurance usually includes the following sudden and accidental damages:

  • Burst pipes including frozen pipes that burst. If pipes burst due to heat being turned off on purpose during winter the claim can be denied.
  • Water damage after extinguishing a fire by water from sprinklers or the fire department.
  • Accidental leaks that occur suddenly or due to a broken dishwasher or washing machine. However, only the water damage repair costs are covered, not the cost of repairing the faulty appliance.
  • Roof leaks after a storm or due to branches or a tree falling on the roof.
  • Water damage after heavy rains or hail storms
  • Vandalism

Water damage that is not covered by standard homeowners insurance policies includes:

  • Homeowners' negligence and lack of maintenance can cause water damages that are not covered. Not turning on the heat during winter causing freezing pipes to burst, and not repairing leaky pipes for long are examples. Maintaining records of repairs and maintenance done will be helpful as proof that the homeowner has been diligent in the maintenance of the house.
  • Water damage from intentional acts like turning the heat off in winter or causing a fire.
  • Earthquakes, mudslides, or landslides that result in water damage from the earth's movement. A separate earthquake insurance policy is needed for such claims.
  • Sewer and drain backups are not usually covered. A sewer backup rider can be purchased.
  • Floods, hurricanes, and tsunami-related damages are not covered in a standard homeowner insurance policy. Especially in flood-prone areas, a flood insurance policy will need to be purchased separately. This can be through the National Flood Insurance Program and some private insurance companies.
  • Seepage or leaks through a foundation

It should be noted that mold removal is covered by home insurance if it is not due to negligence and lack of maintenance. If mold is due to water damage that is covered by the insurance policy, like an AC system overflow or burst pipes, some or all of the mold removal cost is covered. This is because mold growth is then considered an extension of the water damage due to accidental and unexpected causes.

Most insurance companies may suggest licensed water damage restoration companies in the area that provide quality water damage restoration services. After checking price estimates the homeowner can choose a professional service. Water damage repair is expensive and delay can cause further damage. Ensuring speedy water removal is necessary. Insurance companies can deny the additional cost of water damage repair due to the delay being claimed. This is why homeowners are better off choosing a professional water damage restoration company. Proven Restoration LLC offers prompt and professional mold remediation and water damage restoration services in Houston, Texas. With specialized equipment and trained personnel, they ensure that water extraction is initiated as soon as possible. Proven Restoration LLC, Katy, Texas can be contacted at (832) 430-7320 for mold and water damage restoration services in the Houston metropolitan area.