Types of Water Damage

Categories Of Water Damage

The 3 Categories Of Water Damage

Water damage is the possible loss caused by water intruding which enables the attack of a material or system by destructive processes. This includes wood rotting, rusting metal, swelling of composite woods, etc. Water damage can be slow and difficult to identify or instant and catastrophic. It is one of the most common and costly types of property damage. On average, one in 50 homeowners claims home insurance for water damage every year.

Since water damage can worsen if restoration work is delayed, it must begin as soon as possible. To ensure that water damage restoration is done in time and properly, a water damage restoration company can be hired. Proven Restoration LLC has been providing water damage restoration services in the Houston metropolitan area including in Humble, Texas. In this article, these clean-up and restoration experts list the categories of water damage that occur.

The cleanliness or the number of contaminants in the water that causes water damage impacts the risk it causes to humans and objects in contact with it. Water damage is categorized according to the source of water and contaminants in it. The IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) classifies water according to the range of contamination in it and considers its originating source and its quality after it comes into contact with materials. The IICRC defines the categories of water damage as follows:

  • Category 1 Water Damage  - Caused by clean water
  • Category 2 Water Damage - Significantly contaminated (Greywater)
  • Category 3 Water Damage - Highly contaminated 

Category 1

This water damage is due to water from a source of water that would not be a threat to pets or humans. This is also referred to as sanitary or clean water damage.

Examples: Heavy rain, overflowing bathtubs or sinks without contaminants, faulty appliances that leak, broken water supply lines, toilet tanks, toilet bowls with no contaminants, melting ice, or snow. Though it is the least hazardous category of water damage if clean water is not thoroughly removed there is a risk of mildew or mold growth. When left unattended for more than 48 hours it gets exposed to contaminants and can become category 2 water damage. To avoid delay, and ensure a thorough water damage restoration process, water damage restoration professionals like Proven Restoration LLC in Humble, Texas are of immense help.

Category 2 

The IICRC defines category 2 water damage as that caused by water that is significantly contaminated and has the potential to cause sickness or discomfort in humans who come in contact with it. This includes discharge or overflow from washing machines or dishwashers, overflow from toilet bowls that contain urine, ruptured water beds, damaged aquariums, sump pump failure, and leaks. This water is called grey water, is contaminated, and can foster microbial growth. The damage caused increases with the time of exposure and it can affect personal health and property. Category 2 water damage must be handled with precautions in place and young children and pets must not come into contact with it. Water damage restoration professionals like Proven Restoration LLC in Humble, Texas will ensure water damage is handled swiftly and safely.

Category 3 

This is water damage from water that is grossly contaminated with pathogens, toxic substances, and other harmful agents. Exposure to this black water by ingestion or contact will cause severe adverse reactions in humans. Sources of category 3 or black water damage can include sewage, seawater, water from rivers and streams, and wind-driven rain from hurricanes and tropical storms. This type of water damage has to be cleaned up by a professional water damage restoration expert. They would have the training, expertise, and specialized equipment to clean up without exposure to contaminants and with minimum risk of complications. 

Water damage situations are more common than many imagine. Fast response and action are important to limit further water damage and increased water damage restoration costs. In Humble, Texas water damage that needs clean-up and restoration can be safely entrusted to Proven Restoration LLC. This water damage restoration company has IICRC-certified technicians who are experienced in assessing and designing and implementing a mitigation strategy to restore homes and businesses to pre-damage condition. Homeowners and business owners in Humble, TX can contact Proven Restoration LLC at (832) 430-7320 for services by trained water damage restoration specialists who can remove standing water and dry the property with the latest water extraction and dehumidification equipment.